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Serving Anderson, Knox, and Campbell Counties   
Anderson: 865-457-1210 | Knox: 865-521-2999 | Campbell: 423-562-7100

Jail and Court Numbers

Jail and Court Numbers to Reach Us Faster

When you need urgent bail bond services, get in touch with Metro Bonding Company. We can help you get bail from different county courts and jails. Get in touch with us whenever you need our help; we are available 24/7! Call Kelli Moody at 865-591-4495 or any of the numbers shown below. All phones ring directly to us.

Our Contact Numbers for Different Counties

  • Anderson County: 865-457-1210
  • Knox County: 865-521-2999
  • Campbell County: 423-562-7100
All numbers will ring to us directly, and we will make sure we answer all the calls so that you get help at the right time.
Jail numbers
Contact us for professional bail bond services!

Put your trust in our locally owned bonding firm when you need professional bail bond services.
Printable Business Card
Printable Business Card
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