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Anyone who has ever been arrested knows jail is not a fun place to be. Jail is not a nice experience. We are here to help.(423) 562-7100)

Have you , a loved one, friend or 
family member
been arrested ?
Do you have  a warrant out for your arrest and you don't know what  to do?
Metro Bonding Company offers Kick Butt bail advice, warrant information and knows the answers to how bail works. Metro Bonding is here to help! 
By the time you finish looking over our website we'll get you headed in the right direction and give you the information you need
Let us introduce Metro Bonding Company to you. Serving your bail needs in Anderson, Knox and Campbell county jail.  Metro Bonding Company is your reliable, serving you fast as the jail will allow bail bonds lady.
First let us introduce ourselves to you
and hopefully by the time you reach the next page
 your dilemma and stress level will have lessened and you will feel so much more in control.
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Who is Metro Bonding ?
Our company is based on the belief that our customer's needs are of the
  Metro Bonding Company  
is committed to meeting those needs!
 We are skilled at assisting those who have never been in this kind of  situation 
and we welcome the opportunity to earn
your trust and deliver you the
Unlike "other" bonding companies
when you call  Metro Bonding
YOU WILL NEVER get an answering
service and "whatever bonding agent"
may be on call at that time.
When you call Metro Bonding Company
 you call Kelli and only Kelli!
The agent that made your bond
 the agent that knows your situation
and the agent that
Metro Bonding loves it's client's!
In-fact unlike " other " bonding companies
we even remind our client's of their court dates so our client's won't have another trip to jail for failing to appear in court.
Sure it would probably be in the best interest
for our company making another bond
BUT IT'S NOT our interest that matters
When you need to post bail for yourself
or a loved one we meet you at the jail
which is where you NEED us to be.
No WASTING TIME coming to our office
we meet you at the jail and post the bond IMMEDIATELY!
 Metro Bonding Company
 Our Service Area:
   Anderson, Knox & Campbell Counties
All Counties (865) 591-4495  (Cell)
Anderson Co.  (865) 865-457-1210
Knox Co.   (865) 521-2999
Campbell  (423) 562-7100
No soliciting calls please -
these lines are for our client's!
 We are open 24 hours a day. We post your bond fast anytime day or night.
Hours: 24-7
 Days a year!!!!!
Arrested? Warrant out for your arrest? WE can help!

How do bail bonds work?
It's simple.... when you or your loved one is arrested he or she will most likely have a bond set by the judge who signed the warrant.
There are a few options to posting bail
Ex: Let's say the bond is set at $5,000.00.
Cash Bond:
If you just happen to have $5,000.00 lying around ( cash- only ),  you may take your cash to the jail and post what is known as a cash bond. The problem with cash bonds is it must be cash and you may not have access to that much cash in the middle of the night or perhaps it may be after the banks have closed, a weekend or you may just not have the amount needed to post a cash bond.
The court holds your $ and upon the defendant appearing on ALL  of his or her court dates the $ 5,000.00 you paid to the jail is returned less
any court fee's or fines.
This is only done when the defendant's case is complete and final...
( Which could be months or even years later!)
Property Bond:
 This is similar to posting a cash bond but
your property is used in lieu of cash and is normally done on larger bonds .
The property must be free and clear of any
liens and  be worth 1 1/2 times the amount of the bond. The problem with this  option it  also has to be done during courthouse hours and costs you attorney and/or title fees. This is time consuming and may not be an option if you do not own property or it is after hours , a weekend , holiday or do not wish the court to hold a deed of trust
 on your property for however long the defendant is going to court.  
So if you are like most of us and  just don't happen to have the luxury of having lots of cash available at a moments notice, own property or desire your money or property being tied up in the bank of the court....your best option is of course to hire
Metro Bonding
who will post the bond for you.
Bonding Company:
Bonding companies charge a state mandated fee of 10% of the bail amount
plus State Tax and a bond fee which totals $37.00 on top of any bond.
(  On a $5,000 bond this would be $537.00  )
 Hiring a bonding company is
non-refundable .......BUT ....   it will get you or your loved one out of jail as fast  as possible without having to wait for banks
to open to post a cash bond!!!
Hopefully this has answered most of your questions but if you have any others please
 We are here to HELP!!!
You don't have to stay in jail !!!
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